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Started by agrassca 2018-01-03 at 12:21
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good administrator happens that I request I be reimbursed again my withdrawal request for bitcoins since it was canceled without knowing the reason I send a ticket to support and claim that it was canceled without knowing why, I request that my money be reimbursed back to balance and what happens I close the ticket. I am a constant user of this page and it seems very unfair that my money is not returned to me, that is to play with the time and money of the users that are on this page. I ask you to please return the money I requested in the withdrawal to my balance
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Hello friend,
It was cancelled because you requested NEGATIVE AMOUNT $ -12.82 on bitcoin.

when you requested, system provides you how much to received because Bitcoin has high transaction fees since December.

You have approval when you clicked the button withdraw to received the negative amount.

Read the amount before you click.

It is irreversible,